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Nestled into Chicago's French Market is ΛVIΛTO Eats, a come-as-you-are healthy eatery featuring açai, matcha, and Brazilian protein bowl combinations. ΛVIΛTO Eats has succeeded in producing only the best ingredients for health-crazed fans and is offering Chicago a solid, value-driven eats option for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Guests can fuel up with sweet or savory options from the menu.

Fresh Bowls consist of the Brazilian açai berry deemed superfood status, and the antioxidant rich Matcha, consisting of fine powder made from de-stemmed green tea plants. Each Fresh Bowl is packed with ingredients like banana, oats, agave, goji, blueberry, and peanut butter.

The savory item and the eatery's most recent addition is the Brazilian Bowl, offering a choice of steak or chicken and is packed with white rice or brown rice, mixed greens and a variety of house chosen toppings. ΛVIΛTO Eats provides a balanced food spectrum from healthy & natural to hearty & protein packed. ΛVIΛTO Eats is Chicago's healthiest one-stop-shop that will leave guests feeling happily full and satisfied.